In 1860, the Crownhart brothers, Henry and George, embarked on a journey that would leave an indelible mark on history. Their vision led to the acquisition of Norcross Point, where the first Lakeshore Yacht & Country Club took shape, marking the dawn of a new era of lakeside elegance.

The Ocean House, a beloved establishment, thrived through the late 1800s but succumbed to a devastating fire. Undeterred, The Angler's Club acquired the property, determined to rebuild, only to face yet another fire in the early 1900s.

Amidst adversity, a resilient spirit persevered. In 1910, the present-day clubhouse emerged as a testament to architectural innovation, boasting steel and concrete construction—an icon of its time. For over a decade, it stood as a symbol of refinement.

As the 1920s arrived, the building transformed into the Bayshore Inn, offering solace and recreation. In 1927, it embarked on a new chapter as the Syracuse Yacht & Country Club, becoming a cherished institution.

In 1954, the legacy continued with the birth of Lakeshore Yacht & Country Club. Today, it stands as the epitome of excellence, the premier destination for golf and country club experiences in Central New York—a testament to enduring elegance, resilience, and unwavering dedication to its members.
1860 The Ocean House

In 1860 Henry & George Crownhart purchased Norcross Point and constructed the first incarnation of Lakeshore Yacht & Country Club called "The Ocean House"The Ocean House operated into the 1880's when it burned down.

Early 1900’s
Early 1900's The Anglers Club

The Angler's Club later acquired the property, rebuilt and lost that building to fire in the early 1900's.

1910 The Bayshore Inn

Due to all the fires that had reduced the prior clubs to ashes, they built the current clubhouse in 1910. At the time this building was a state of the art project, being made of steel and concrete.

1927 Syracuse Yacht & Country Club

In 1927 the Bayshore Inn became Syracuse Yacht & Country Club.

1954 Lakeshore Yacht & Country Club

Our current incarnation Lakeshore YCC was instituted in 1954 and remains the Premier golf and country club experience in CNY.

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